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Dehydrated Vegetables, Powders, Herbs,
Spices & Gourmet Spice Blends



Founded in 2012 and under new ownership in Late 2023, Lasting Harvest (formerly Spices Australia) is on a mission to enhance your home cooked dishes by providing a range of products that will help to add more flavour and nutrition, all while offering the convenience of saving time in the kitchen and reducing the waste from spoilt food.


Our wide range of gourmet products are gluten free, natural and with no added sugar.

We are actively expanding our range of products, recipes and mixes moving forward. We don’t just want to offer the products, we want to offer ideas and inspiration on how to use the products in your everyday life.    

Our team prides itself on having great customer service and we are passionate about the products we sell.


Our range is always evolving as we discover new and exciting flavours to share with you.

Lasting Harvest is proudly owned and operated within the Central West Region of New South Wales, Australia. We only sell online to help keep our prices reasonable and are delivering Australia wide.

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