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Pumpkin Powder is a finely grounded powder with a sweet, pumpkin taste.

It’s great for making soups, pies, breads and pancakes. Pumpkin Powder is a rich source of antioxidants, protein, fibre, vitamins, & minerals.


Pumpkin Powder is low in fat and high in calcium & an excellent source of starch & protein. When making soup & any sauce it’s a great thickener as well as being tasty.


Pumpkin Powder can be used as a healthier alternative to wheat flour in cooking or baking. It can also serve as a natural food colouring or sweetener in drinks and other dishes. When mixed with water, Pumpkin Powder can be rehydrated to replace canned or fresh pumpkin in many recipes. 


Our Pumpkin Powder contains high levels of immunity-boosting nutrients, including Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Both vitamins have been shown to provide immune system support and reduce the risk of conditions like measles.


** Unfortunately due to the bulky nature of this product shipping is expensive, we only pass on the direct shipping costs to you but want you to be aware of this situation. We may provide smaller packaging sizes to make up the order quantity if we can orientate the packaging more efficiently.

You may also receive multiple deliveries as we may need to split the order to delivery it more cost effectively for you, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us**


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