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Lasting Harvest Sun-Dried Diced Tomato (10mm) captures & intensifies all the great, summery flavour and nutrients of fully ripe, fresh tomatoes.


While slightly bigger than our previous granules we feel that this new sized product is a good substitute. If you require a smaller, finer grade you could try drying them a bit more and giving them a blitz to reduce the size. As a sun-dried product the texture is beautiful and soft, lending itself to many other applications than a granule based product. Try some today !


The intense flavour of sundried tomato adds an extra burst of flavour anywhere.


Sauté our Sun-Dried Diced Tomato with aromatics like onions or garlic, to add a flavour punch to roasted vegetables. Stir with a little olive oil for a bread or vegetable dip or mix into softened butter to use as a compound butter for grilled meats. Or even mix into ground beef for flavourful burgers or toss with pasta. 


Sun-dried tomatoes retain all the nutritional value of plump fresh tomatoes. They provide vitamins C & K, iron, & lycopene.

Wholesale Sun-Dried Diced Tomato

  • per 100g

    Energy (Kj)




    Total Fat


    Saturated Fat


    Total Carbohydrate




    Dietary Fibre



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