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5 Tips on how to use Spinach Powder and it's Health Benefits

Updated: Jun 27

Delicious Spinach Dumplings
Spinach Dumplings

Having an array of vegetable powders on hand is a great way to incorporate additional nutrition into your home cooked meals for you and your family.

Busy lives, easy access to fast food and a diminishing knowledge on how nutritious food can help heal our bodies can all contribute to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Please take a few moments to read these tips we have put together for you. They will help you get the most out of our Spinach Powder and will help to provide some convenient meal ideas for you and your family.

Tip 1 - Add Spinach Powder to baked goods

Spinach in cupcakes
Green Cupcakes

That's right! You can add it to your bread or other baked goods.

Do you have a Grinch in your house these holidays? Make some grinchy cupcakes to cheer them up or

sneak it into a favourite chocolate cake.

If you're into bread making pop some spinach powder in there and get the benefits of the additional fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals found in Spinach.

Click the link below to read about the health benefits of spinach powder in your bread.

Homemade pizza dough with spinach powder thrown in could also be a fun way to get some goodness into the kids.

Tip 2 - Add Spinach Powder to pasta

Delicious Spinach Pasta
Spinach Pasta

Impress your guests this party season with homemade spinach pasta, or just impress yourself! They will appreciate the effort and you might find that it's not as hard as you thought if you've not made it before. As pictured in the main photo at the start of this article, spinach dumplings would be a hit, too!

Follow this recipe from our website.

Tip 3 - Drink it up!

Healthy Spinach Smoothies
Spinach Smoothies

One of the most popular ways to use spinach powder is in smoothies. There are lots of variations you can use for smoothies depending on taste preferences and dietary requirements. Spinach powder in smoothies is an easy way to add important fibre, vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Tip 4 - Soups, Stews, Casseroles and other wet dishes

Curry with spinach powder
Curry with Spinach

Whatever cuisine you're cooking, whether it's Italian, Mexican, Asian or Indian. Whatever dish you've mastered, spaghetti, burritos, stir fry or curry, give your meal a boost with the generous benefits of spinach powder.

Picky eaters won't notice, but the health conscious will love it and if you're loved ones are feeling a bit under the weather this will give them a great immune boost, adding to the feel-good-factor soup gives you when you're sick.

Tip 5 - Take Spinach Powder in gelatin capsules

Spinach powder in capsules

Yep! That's right. If you don't already know about gelatin capsules (there are vegan options available) they are a great way to make your own customised health capsules. I sometimes use mine for essential oils.

Click the button below to watch a video on how to fill these capsules with the vegetable powder, herb powder

or spice of your choice.


This is general information only, seek advice from your Health Care professional before taking any supplements.


We hope that you found this information useful. If you have any suggestions or other ways that you currently use our spinach powder please leave a comment and share your knowledge with others.

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