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Spinach Egg Pasta

Updated: May 22

Spinach powder adds a gorgeous earthy flavour & green colour to brighten up simple egg pasta dough.





  1. In a bowl place Flour, Spinach Powder & Garlic Granules & mix until combined. Place the flour mix on the bench or leave it in the bowl. Make a well in the centre and break Eggs and whisk with a fork until smooth.

  2. With your fingers, gradually mix the eggs with the flour, incorporating a small amount at a time until combined. (you could do this step in a food processor, just place everything in and give it small pulses until it looks like green bread crumbs. then put on to the kitchen bench and bring it together into a lump of dough).

  3. Combine the pieces into a dough - it will take a bit of work to bring it together, but it will combine together into a smooth lump of dough.

  4. Now that you have a lump of dough the fun can begin KNEADING! To make springy pasta you need to develop the gluten in the flour. You will know when it's done when the dough feels smooth and silky. To do this dust the bench with flour. Transfer the dough to the floured surface and knead it by pushing down and away from you and turning it repeatedly it should take between 7 to 10 minutes. If the dough becomes sticky or soft during kneading sprinkle on a little more flour.

  5. Once you have your smooth & satiny dough wrap it in clingfilm and place in the fridge to rest for at least half an hour - wrap it tightly so the dough doesn't dry out.

  6. Once rested the dough is ready to roll out - either by hand or machine this dough is great for all different pasta from lasagna sheets, fettuccini and even stuffed pasta like tortellini or ravioli. Once rolled out shape or cut your pasta straight away as it dries out fast.

  7. Fresh Pasta cooks in approximately 90 seconds in rapidly boiling salted water.

  8. Once cooked add to your favourite pasta sauce. And ENJOY!!


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