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Why is my postage so HIGH!!??

Updated: Feb 15

We have been getting quite a few queries lately regarding the cost of shipping so I thought I would share some information to help customers better understand how it is calculated. As always, if you have a question about the shipping on a particular order please reach out and we will do our best to answer your questions.

When we took over the business back in November one of the first items we needed to action was the shipping costs. It turns out it can be quite tricky to calculate sometimes! Some of our products are light in weight, yet very bulky in size and if you order a few of these it can cause the shipping to "cube out".

So what does "cube out" mean? Put simply, if the product is large in size , but light in weight, Australia Post will charge the bigger option. ie: the size.

See the example on page 2 of this article from Australia Post in the link below.

Some products, such as Spinach Flakes and Leek Flakes are great examples. If you order 1kg of either of these products it will come in 4 x 250gm bags because they fit better in the satchels which helps minimize shipping costs.

"Why don't you have FREE SHIPPING?"

When consumers shop online there will always be a cost to get the product to you. Sometimes it might be built into the product or the business might have a special on for Free Shipping. Others may move such a volume of product that their shipping costs are very low, these businesses are sometimes referred to as "Box Movers", focusing on quantity rather than quality.

We are a family owned Australian business and prefer to give our customers a more personalised service where possible. We do not put any markup on shipping and have spent a lot of time getting that part of the checkout service as close to our actual cost as possible.

Customer service seems to be lacking in a lot of places these days, we like to do things a little differently.

If you would like to see Free Shipping in the future please reach out, if we get enough demand for it we will certainly revisit how we do things.

There might even be a special on in the near future! Keep an eye out!!

Hopefully this has helped answer any questions you might have had and shed a bit of light on how shipping is calculated. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and if you have purchased from us recently ...

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