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Lasting Harvest Sun-Dried Diced Tomato (10mm) captures & intensifies all the great, summery flavour and nutrients of fully ripe, fresh tomatoes.


While slightly bigger than our previous granules we feel that this new sized product is a good substitute. If you require a smaller, finer grade you could try drying them a bit more and giving them a blitz to reduce the size. As a sun-dried product the texture is beautiful and soft, lending itself to many other applications than a granule based product. Try some today !


The intense flavour of sundried tomato adds an extra burst of flavour anywhere.


Sauté our Sun-Dried Diced Tomato with aromatics like onions or garlic, to add a flavour punch to roasted vegetables. Stir with a little olive oil for a bread or vegetable dip or mix into softened butter to use as a compound butter for grilled meats. Or even mix into ground beef for flavourful burgers or toss with pasta. 


Sun-dried tomatoes retain all of the nutritional value of plump fresh tomatoes. They provide vitamins C & K, iron, & lycopene.

Sun-Dried Diced Tomato

PriceFrom $9.00


  • The best place to store dehydrated vegetables, powders, herbs & spices is in a cool dry place.

    ​Once you have torn the heat-sealed tab off the packet and are re-sealing the bag again, please remove as much air from the pouch as possible & then re-seal it. Removing the air gives to products a longer shelf life.

    Our products are packaged in a clear re-sealable zip bag with a tear notch & they are self-standing for easy storage. The bags are heat sealed for that extra layer of protection while in transit and will also keep your products fresh until you are ready to use.

    This product is vacuum sealed for freshness, once opened store in the zip seal bag provided.

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