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Ground Coriander is light brown & made from the dried seeds. This powder retains a herbaceous citrus flavour but has warmer, nutty notes than the fresh leaves. The mild, lemon-like taste of ground coriander seeds compliments both sweet and savoury dishes.


Ground coriander is a sweet and aromatic spice with citrus notes and pairs well with allspice, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, and nutmeg.


It is great to flavour sweet and savoury dishes. Season vegetables, marinades, masalas, cookies, apple crumble & cakes. Add to pickling brines, compotes, and chutneys.

Coriander Seeds Ground

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    Rehydration Instructions

    As this product is a powder and only used in small quantities there is no real need to rehydrate, just allow the flavours to fuse into the dish.

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