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These Garlic Slices are made from fresh quality bulbs of garlic that are cleaned, cut, & dried. Having dried garlic slices stored in the cupboard means no waste, just re-hydrate the quantity you need as you go, or re-hydrated enough for the week and store in the fridge.

Whether you're making pasta, stir-fry, or soup, adding our Garlic Sliced will make your dish taste more delicious and aromatic


To re-hydrate, these are the times based on water temperature:

Boling Water - 10 mins

Warm Tap Water - 20 mins

Cold Tap Water - 30 mins


Once re-hydrated, drain water and cook however you desire.


Good tip, keep the water and add with any cooking process that requires water for mild garlic favour.


Garlic is a good source of iron & manganese.

Garlic Sliced

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