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Our Nutmeg Ground is made from 100% pure nutmeg and is perfect for adding a warm, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor to your dishes. It is commonly used in baking, such as in pies, cakes, and cookies, but it can also be used in savory dishes like stews and sauces. Our nutmeg is carefully ground to ensure maximum flavor and aroma, and it comes in a convenient resealable bag to keep it fresh. With its versatile uses and delicious taste, our Nutmeg Ground is a must-have ingredient in any kitchen.

Nutmeg Ground

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  • Recipe Ideas

    A great tasty addition to smoothies and baking, nutmeg can also be added to savoury dishes and is the highlight of any good bechamel sauce. Top off your lasagna with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

    Rehydration Instructions

    As this product is a powder and only used in small quantities there is no real need to rehydrate, just allow the flavours to fuse into the dish.

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