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The whole, good quality stem & leaves of the basil have been sterilised, dried, cut and rubbed.  


Full of flavour and aromas that are ready to be added to stews, pasta sauces or soups straight from the pantry. Great way to add freshness to your dish when you don't have fresh basil on hand. With their vibrant green color and rich, earthy flavor, our Basil Flakes are a must-have for any kitchen.


Can be mixed with other herbs and spices to make a meat rub or pesto paste. 


** Unfortunately due to the bulky nature of this product shipping is expensive, we only pass on the direct shipping costs to you but want you to be aware of this situation. We may provide smaller packaging sizes to make up the order quantity if we can orientate the packaging more efficiently.

You may also receive multiple deliveries as we may need to split the order to delivery it more cost effectively for you, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us**

Wholesale Basil Flakes

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  • Recipe Ideas

    Use in any of your favourite Italian dishes, in salad dressings or as seasoning on chicken or other meats.

    Sometimes fresh is best when using basil and dried basil is best used in cooking. Fresh basil is best for things such as pesto, salad or brushcetta topping.

    If you find it necessary to replace fresh basil with dried, you should only use 2/3 of the amount called for in the recipe. If your recipe asks for 3 Tablespoons of fresh basil leaves, 2 Tablespoons of dried basil should be enough.

    Rehydration Instructions

    As dried basil will generally be used in food that is to be cooked this process will be enough to rehydrate it. After adding dried basil to your dish leave for at about 5 minutes to let the flavours infuse throughout the dish.