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Dehydrated Leek flakes have a refined, subtler, and sweeter flavour than onions (the leek and the onion are close relatives) & have a fragrance similar to shallots.


Leek Flakes are ideal for soups, stews, pasta, salads, & quiches.


Leek flakes are a great alternative to fresh leeks. Try adding them with potatoes to make a tasty potato & leek soup. Rehydrate them in cold water for 30 minutes & add to any dish.


Leeks are loaded with fibre & other important vitamins & minerals.


Leek Flakes

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  • Recipe Ideas

    Dried leek flakes can be added to soups, pasta sauces and risotto. 

    Add to marinades, salad dressings or a flavour enhancer to crumbs for schnitzel.

    A close cousin to garlic, leeks can be used as an alternative to garlic.


    Rehydration Instructions


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